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Paul Poiret, (born April 20, 1879, Paris, France—died April 30, 1944, Paris), French couturier, the most fashionable dress designer of pre-World War I Paris. Poiret was particularly noted for his Neoclassical and Orientalist styles, for advocating the replacement of the corset with the brassiere, and for the introduction of the hobble skirt, a vertical, tight-bottomed style that confined women to mincing steps. “I freed the bust,” boasted Poiret, “and I shackled the legs.”


Hobble skirt

Paul Poiret had the strength to free women, don’t you think this is a real man?

Even thow he didn’t specified in hats, he still had some amazing hat pieces that needs to be seen and be calibrated on… This fashion icon freed us as women so why not tip our hats for him…

Here is some of his hats…

This hat reminds me of Philip Treacy’s designs.